In this case study I am going to present the work with an eight-year old girl, a second grader of a primary school, who has been coming to the therapy for five months. In the initial part of the therapy it was being worked on the establishment of the relationships between the therapist and the client, in the central part it was about the overall improvement of an image of oneself, reduction of anxiety, strengthening and expressing of one’s own emotions and their verbalisation, psychoeducation of parents and school. In the final part of the therapy, the accent is on the strengthening of parents’ competences and gradual exposing of the girl to the fears and planning of the therapy ending. The objective of this paper is to present the importance of recognising the early traumatic events at children, which may be triggers later for anxiety disorders and contributions to the involvement of parents and school as a co-therapist for having a better outcome of the entire treatment.