Opposing and defiance disorder is characterized by conspicuous defiance, disobedience, and destructive behavior that does not involve delinquent practice or extreme forms of aggressive or dissociative behavior. Children who exhibit behavioral problems within the context of this disorder often have difficulties communicating with their environment (primarily with family), difficulties in adequately expressing emotions, and avoiding everyday tasks and responsibilities. The aim of this paper is to present a cognitive-behavioral approach to disorders such as opposing and defiance. This study portrays a case of a ten years old client who has, for a longer period of time,
before inclusion in the treatment, displayed behavior which manifested through failure to respect the rules and agreements set in the family, disobedience, for departures from home, constant and repetitive lying, and occasional attacks of rage and anger. Also, since starting school, she had difficulty in mastering the school material, hence during the therapeutic treatment we were also working on this problem.