When a child reaches the developmental stage of adolescence, a new dynamic emerges in the family between parents and adolescents. The developmental tasks of adolescence bring new and different relationships to which both parties need to adapt.

During the process of growing up and separation from parents, in an adolescent’s life new significant others appear. These new object relations and new connections create a very slippery field between the adolescent and his or her parents. The generational gap among parents and adolescent is inevitable.

However, adolescence does not happen only to adolescents, it also affects parents in a different, specific way. Developmental tasks and developmental processes in adolescence require high capacities for adjustment from both, the adolescents, and their parents. Along with the adolescent growing up, his parents are experiencing changes.

Parents of the adolescent, just like a mother for a little baby, must be present so that their adolescent could separate from them and develop, grow up.