Azra Arnautović, Mr. sc.


AZRA ARNAUTOVIĆ (1958), Mr.Sc, specialist pediatrician, certified group analyst, integrative psychotherapist for children and adolescents, homeopathic doctor. Except that she working as a physician of somatic medicine, and since 1994 she is mostly dedicated to the mental health of children and adults. She is expert for work on a war trauma. Then they were sexually abused by children and adults, domestic violence. It attains competences in systemic family therapy, then - setup / constellation by Bert Helinger, Art Therapy, EMDR. He is a member of the research teams at the University of Tuzla. She is ducator from war trauma and testimony, rehabilitation of victims of war, then in the field of domestic violence and violence against children. Stress and self-care. She wrote several publications, brochures, more scientific and professional papers, and participant at domestic and international conferences and congresses. She is engaged in humanitarian work. Current position: President of the Association for support of mental health, psychotherapy, education, workshops, personal development and counseling "EMPATIA".