Đana Lončarica


Gestalt psychotherapist, Family systemic psychotherapist, Child and adolescent integrative psychotherapist

Đana Lončarica, was born on March 15, 1981. She graduated psychology , and graduated master of Social Pedagogy on Faculty of Education-Rehabilitation . She is currently in PHD program at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Sarajevo. She finished Gestalt psycho-therapy, Family systemic psycho-therapy, Child and adolescent integrative psycho-therapy, she practiced EMDR. She completed internship in center for mental health, after that she has worked ten years in therapeutic community with drug addicts. She has worked also with people who abuse alcohol, women and children who were victims of family abuse and other psycho therapy work in non-governmental organization. She is working in Agency for education and psychotherapy KONTAKT-HOMINI, where she has individual, couple and family psycho-therapy.